Cooking something better this 2016

by - 8:59:00 AM

It is never too late to try and try until you make it and be a lot better from/at it.

This is what I have been thinking about for quite some time now, I am 24 (turning 25 in a few weeks) and I want to see myself feel and meet that progress I have been grasping for. I know, many of you will say, nye eh yung iba nga 40+ na nung naging successful well, good for them right? But I'm ME, and I can't put my life on their footsteps.. I want to get in the move for my own definition of successful na ako even if we don't really need to shout that out loud, you get me right?

So this time, (well since Sunday, 12th of June) I have been spending my time at the computer, oh wait lang~ don't judge me kaagad! (hahaha I know I have been spending 2/3rd of my life in computers.) anyways, this time around, I spent those hours not doing purely social media but fixing my blogger account, plus linked it to my portfolio too (in which I have yet to repair.) Why? Because I want to g back on sharing my thoughts and everything I could possibly share of.

I also had started serious css coding training HAHAHA well not so serious, but I learned despite me being all so lazy and frantic with a bit of complicated words with symbols and number.. HAHAHAH

So 2016, please be good on us, and let our wisdom take in and interpret it by the nicest means.

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