Happy Birthday Lolo!

by - 2:03:00 AM

I was out with the family for a few days, we went to our grandparent's place which we usually do whenever there's an occasion to celebrate or just hang out together. It was were I also celebrated my birthday with Lola whom I share my birthdate with. This time it's Lolo's 75th birthday, his was rally on the 25th but we scheduled the eating ceremonies at 26 and 27th, and yes he spent his birthday for 3 days, literally.

Had so much fun even if I missed a lot of stuffs that is connected to friends and art, etc. But family is still family. Besides, I haven't got to be with them so much with the whole school eating me. Honestly, I liked it so much, I missed them even and my prayers were also answered. Why?

21st, which was Monday, I was supposed to post "I want to swim and I miss family outings" but then I cancelled it and just surfed the internet. I was hoping that time... I really wanted to swim and be with friends and with the family too, but since things happened now wouldn't be a good time. I just can't. I did not have pictures taken with my camera even though I brought it with me, my sister had though with hers. Also we spent the night of 26th talking to our aunt and cousin who resides in Japan and my other cousin who was working in Dubai. All was missing each other but happy to get those times, felt like we were all having the same family time day mood.

So atleast, Lolo's birthday gave me something and I could clearly remember while we ate at a pizza parlor during our third-day-lunch, I said "natikman ko na lahat ng gusto ko kainin within the past few days, no, months." and so my Lola said, "edi okay, nasagot yung prayers mo." But really, it is more than answered prayers, likely a blessing. Exaggerated it may seem, but I really appreciate that I had time with them and all that happened during those days, some happened where I got panicky and not so happy but its life, go to deal with it. The bigger picture is, I am still alive and we were never abandoned by someone who sees us all. :)

P.S Happy birthday Lolo! I love you!

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