Mini Thesis - Senior Year 2013: 1st Semester

by - 9:18:00 AM

(will update tomorrow; oct. 11,2013 12:18AM)
(updated; oct. 13,2013 1:57AM)

I am a day late from the "will update" statement I posted, why? Because I ended up sleeping all throughout Saturday and being gradually energized this Sunday. I must admit that I am lazy. Yes, I am.

I'm in a Fine Arts course who majors in Advertising, our subject Research Technique is about learning how things go around the industry of advertising agencies and being designers or artists.

So here it is, MINI THESIS Status= DONE!
First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who supported me, and my group. It was a grueling semester and we managed to finish it last Friday. Take note, our group went first on presenting and God knows how my heart pounded everytime I spoke. Now, we are up against another thesis for the next semester.

Did not manage to bring my camera! It was just then when I had the idea of taking pictures! tsk fail! These are the only pictures I had that day hahaha

I have enjoyed this new experience, I know to myself that I may not be that of a good speaker for a crowd or what (even if I want to speak) whenever I'm nervous (I can't even straighten my tongue with my English skills when I'm freaking on the inside LOL) but I do know what I can handle and that I could bear more.

I wanted to thank the panelists including my professor for teaching us so much. It will be a great tool to use outside school and must turn these trials into advantages. Now, I should help myself graduate and achieve what I want to be.

"turn every problems into opportunities and make it as an objective" - this is what  told myself while I'm on my way home last Friday. It applies in real life, not just in our ad plans. :D

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