#FakeItTillYouMakeItProject (#FITYMIproject)

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Countless. We never realize how many times we start over stuff until were at the point were we want to rest and think about our actions, why it never worked for us but to others it was, and they were out and about "successful."

Today, 18th of June 2016, Saturday.. I tweeted this

I've (again) created something that /hopefully would help me get that PUSH from being a procrastinating ball and start bouncing off the wall making myself useful or at least know my use (?) HAHAHAHA. Anyways #FITYMIproject is basically, as what it stands for Faking it, until I make it (progress) this somehow just came up in my mind and thought WHY NOT?!

In #FITYMIproject, I will be pushing myself to do things out of my comfort zone every once in a while so I could finally be exploring new heights in life. I'm 24, and as much as I believe in inspiring stories such as Oprah and Tina Fey's while browsing on social media, I too want to pursue whatever it is I have in life, like them to be more of me. I haven't really analyzed this stuff over but I have missions for it already.

Guidelines for #FITYMIproject:
  1. Recognize factors and understand why you want to do this project for yourself.
    "Yourself" because it always starts off within ourselves before we could help and inspire others. I do think that we unconsciously help or inspire others be the beautiful idea that we do not want them to suffer on their own or let them know that they have us who will listen and cheer them too with their journey. As for me, I want to grow up, I know I'm not getting any younger and that my goals for me are still quite out of reach... I just want to step up and help myself be were I want to be. I am honestly tired of being in corners from moments where I could've shown or gave my "A-game." But yeah~ so much for being regretful and just use those kind of thoughts to something productive shall we? Understand those moments, thoughts and accept it.. let it show you and teach you that you will still end up as you were now if you don't start moving.
  2. IDEAS coming, JOT NOW.
    ALWAYS. definitely always bring a pen and a piece or two of some blank paper with you.
    "I have a phone.. duhh?" nope. Do not use your phone on jotting those ideas down.. instead write it in a piece of paper settle it in your wallet or for me my handy notebook (a place on your bag that never gets left, or you always look at daily.)
  3. Do it NOW.
    I suck at being productive whenever I have ideas or anything grand, I ultimately hate it because laziness starts to kick in, (or too much complacency..) This project on the other hand makes this rule GOLDEN.

    When your mom gave you chores, do it.. do not tell them this "sige, mamaya na (alright, I'll do it later)" TIME IS GOLD indeed (wow.. signs of aging hahahaha jk.) I tell you this because I'm one of those who literally adore that phrase so much I either end up not doing it and seeing my parents do it instead, get scolded about it and sometimes gets upset about it, or thankfully, doing it but was just a late to act. When there's an idea you have in mind, go process it carefully and act upon it when you know by heart, soul and body that you are really into that, just go for it. No one else can do it for you.. I know no one else can teach you unless you let yourself be taught.
    Self explanatory :)
Alright! So it is almost mid-June and I need to get things done from now on so I made a list here to start off with my own goal achievements. Thank you for reading!

P.S here's a link I happen to watch/listen to when I was looking out for inspiration and motivation.

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