Good Mornings with Ginger

by - 12:44:00 PM

Hi there! I am Ginger, 2 yrs. old daughter of Apple and Byte of the Moon (Munar) Clan. I am 1 of the 7 munchkins.

I am the one responsible for always waking up one of my human, Jakii. Every morning, or dawn, whenever I want to just jump into her bed, I lick her face or arms and when she starts moving, mission is completed. I often go with my sisters Pochi and Ang but recently Ang had to take a rest and use a towel as her blanket, she had a big lump on her breast and out mom and kuya took her to the vet last Tuesday, she went home in a diaper.. aww sister get well soon!

Anyways, Jakii's being her usual self.. woke her up and told me it's too early, I woke her up at exactly 1am, how could 1am be so early?? I don't get it, I always wake her up in the morning sometimes I shout at her when I can't jump on her bed. These past few days, since Ang got ill, Jakii was a bit quiet.. she would just go to bed when she gets home after skincare, eat dinner at times. Our little human loves us a lot you know? The whole family does 

I'm getting sleepy and Jakii is trying her best not to wake us up and go back to bed, might as well let her do so and wake her up again later. Bye for now!

₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。 Ginger

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