LOLA 101 Part II

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LOLA 101. Part II

Avellana Art Gallery

F U N. F O O D. P E O P L E. N E W  L E A R N I N G S. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S.

It was our professor's exhibit so we went to the opening event. Sir Joey, the things he shares, the fun, the experiences and bonding with him, and his works are one of the many inspiration that keeps us going.

We saw the mentor from Project Runway Philippines and others at the venue, we didn't chat becausse our table is busy talking with something else and observing I guess. Haha. anyways, here. Some not HD pics from me. hohoho.

*didn't have a camera by the time because my sister borrowed it.

Card. I call it Exhibit Cards. haha ^___^
Sir Joey and his friend.

Us? haha
Before the opening. 3PM.
pot, mae, kier.
Something to finalize.
Pot's not doing anything, for the record haha
Bhie is sleepy. Mae will be going home. Past 4PM.


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