Bloom Arts Festival 2012

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Tada! I got home 1 hour ago haha. Viewed insta and FB. Now, blog!

Honestly, I was not sure if I will be going here today (ooops. yesterday, it's 1:33AM already)
But then, my classmate told me that he will be going so I invited my schoolmate and a friend, and my schoolmate invited his classmate. And we saw friends and schoolmates there as well. LOL.

Okay so much for that. We (first was just the 3 of us, arriving 4:30 or 5PM I think) entered Heima [] which was one of the participants in the festival

sorry. my hands are a bit shaky :(
I am speechless, had fun, and my focus from all these works at school and life were diverted. Thank you to my friends who are into this stuffs as well FINE ARTS BABY! then the rest is a BLOOM DAY SATURDAY! :3

T/N: Pictures unless stated are taken by me [yay. :p]

Aside from those who participated at the Bloom Arts festival, Me and my friends checked other stores and booths as well. CHECK THEM OUT at Cubao Expo! (formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo).

By Tokwa Penaflorida

By Tokwa Penaflorida

Yes. @HEIMA Store

Took a photo. I thought we were going outside but my friends turned their backs to look at the notebooks. haha

Cute :3 @HEIMA Store

I really LOVE stuffs like this. Oh notebooks and papers~~ <3

Arriving early isn't so bad at festivals :3

Robots! Is it daimos? haha JK. Its Japanese! @UVLA Store

UVLA isn't a part of the fest but we checcked it out to see vintage stuffs. <3

Blur. asdfghjkl to my hands.

The shimmering Disco Ball @Today X Future

Today X Future


25PHP pin! Wanted to buy but I have to keep my money. Saving.

The flavor.

Sweet Ecstacy @Cubao X

Jinri Park x Bloom Arts Festival Map poster. haha

Gabby Cantero's Celebrity/Icon's Portrait shots displayed.

By Tof Zapanta. And our reflection.

Works by CJ de Silva. While I was heading upstairs, the first thing (human I mean) that I saw was Tof Zapanta. O____O of course I have to be calm, even if I want to say Hi. >< He doesn't know me!

CJ de Silva's work.

friends going outside after lurking at Sweet Ecstacy.
a view. At Sweet Ecstasy @Cubao X

that's my schoolmate and friend. haha nagdalawang isip pa tayo pumunta ha? haha

big prints.

Can you see Garapata? haha. sorry for the blurred shot. shaky hands yo!

we bought half a dozen. then bought 2 pieces after eating the half dozen. haha

Yummy cookies from Sweetleaf. <3
Black matcha, white wasabi, chococlate chip, white matcha, triple chocolate mint <3 <3 <3

even if I'm already 21. I haven't really "drinked" alcohol that much yet. I only take sips ><
I really don't know why, but it just taste like medicine.

my friend's tattoo.

Robotars. Similarity. This is from one of the stores holding an exhibition for Bloom Arts Festival.
I forgot the name of the store downstairs (this is taken upstairs) I only remembered this "Riding in Tandem" ad posted at the door and wall. *sorry po!

works upstairs at Sweet Ecstacy.

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