Sketch Sketches Sketching!

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"I am honestly not good in drawing but I can't say that I can't draw this and that. I could always try and give my best at it." - this is what I say whenever I feel discouraged when I fail drawing what I want. It's really not about how good you're drawing would turn out, it's your art anyways. The important thing is that you loved and enjoyed what you did.
For the past years of my life I always tell myself, "hindi ko ata kaya 'yan," "hindi ako magaling sa realistic na drawing" but then, when I started my training (On-the-Job training) and having these long rides to and from home, it made me realize stuffs every single day.

These are my sketches from Thursday and Friday (yesterday). We had nothing to do, as in tambay talaga kami, walang J.O's! so I sketched, listened music from Myspace, took pictures and posted at instagram and ate. Hirap pala ng walang ginagawa sa isang advertising agency, sobrang nakaka-bato. haha

One more thing! Check my Behance account :D Yay! kunwari pro ako, haha joke lang masaya kasi dun ang gaganda ng works, total inspiration! <3

Supposedly, It's Lauren Young. I saw her IG photo while browsing insta, and tada! I drew her.
pwedeng mag-sorry?! hahaha

Steady. No-work 8 hours.

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