Monday, June 30, 2014 0

Give and eat

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Today marks the end of June as well as my first job's pay day. I am really excited (just) about the fact that Papa would be celebrating his birthday the day after, A GREAT TIMING. I really wanted to give him his own money but LOL mom's looking? He told me to give it to my mom instead and I jokingly said ay bahala na kayo magusap, kayo ang magasawa and made them laugh. :)

I'm happy because I can give my money to them. I know, it is something that one can always touch or see, but having them laugh and feel that they really mean a lot, with your own sacrifices and without them asking me for my salary... IN SHORT, I am really happy that I can help ease their burden and add more happy vibes to their system.

I have always been telling this, we've been through a lot. It may be fortunate or worst to some but now that I am continuously "growing" up, I thank every single moment for the lessons it has taught me and the family. And to God, the heavens above, for constantly being there no matter what.

Today, I've ate a lot. Chicken, pizza and ice cream. Simple yet very thoughtful for me, I am happy. I hope that I wouldn't forget where and why I am here. Right where I am standing. I'll post more of the "office life" Schedule's been hectic. LOL Goodnight! Happy Birthday Papa!

Saturday, June 07, 2014 0

bands and loom bands

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Hello there! I know, I know~ It's been months since my last post but here I am updating. (woooo!)

For the past few months, of course many had happened. One of them is that I graduated from college, (I miss you guys!) second, I got ignored applications, interviews, examinations and rejections during my job hunts. Third would be, I got to spend mooooore time with my loved ones and lastly, I got hired and will be starting to work anytime soon. Yey for that! :)

There are so many that if I detailed each and everyone of my experiences before this post it would need a great amount of time and typing. Anyways, let's just go back to the title, which was inspired by some good songs I am listening at and that it would be better off into a different post, and obviously, loom bands.

Frankly, not my kind of hobby. I repeated 1 pattern twice because I have mistakes right from the start hahaha but I did a chevron quite great! :D (though I didn't have the time to take a photo of it.)

My elder sister is the one who brought this at home and has a LOT of bands... She just spends so much time on it while at home. I, on the other hand just organized all her bands and what-nots into a recyled cellphone box because I was pretty annoyed with the fact that she never manages her bands neatly! ><

Here's a great site for beginners-advanced level loom hobbyists! Click HERE! :D

To just justify my title, LOL I'm giving a big deal out of it :P here's one of the songs I'm listening to right now! Hello Taeyang of one of Korea's top boygroup, Bigbang! He is currently on his solo right now but still a Bigbang member. I love how smooth this song goes, plus the MV would just make you focus at Taeyang's abs vocals. :DDD

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Some updates needed!

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I'll be updating soon, everything still needs some good planning! I am looking forward to good/better/best results and experiences throughout. It has been very tough, still is, but I need to be strong and patient! I can understand and do this! ^^

Friday, January 24, 2014 0

From last night

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Last night was so heavy for me that I hid and cried at the bathroom (I did not wailed, I just cried silently LOL.) It's something personal, adding up the sudden pressures from our thesis class/group.

Initially, my schedule for today was having a TVC shoot, the outdoor shoot. But circumstances, for some reasons I am still confused, did not allow us to. I was so hopeful that today we will finish something big, and that we could step up to the next task, but no. So it made me breakdown for a while, with all the stuffs happening at home and then this, I have to cry.

As of this moment,  I'm trying my best to be strong (lol why do I always say this..) and come up with solutions. I'm feeling tired but I really want this done already.